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Willandra Lakes, New South Wales, Australia

A World Heritage area, and a major site for geological heritage and field studies in Australia

This Web site is concerned with all aspects of geological heritage,
including work carried out by the Geological Society of Australia,
and by other organisations and individuals, both in Australia and overseas.

The Standing Committee for Geological Heritage is a committee of the Geological Society of Australia Inc.
The work of the Committee, its reports and publications,
and in particular, parts of the 1995 methodology volume,
are made available at this site (see below).

The methodology volume: Executive Summary.

Appendix 1 - A review of geological heritage methodologies,
with a bibliography of publications
and reports on the methodology of geological heritage
in Australia and overseas.

Subcommittees of the Standing Committee for Geological Heritage
work in the state and territory Divisions of the Society,
carrying out geological heritage work in each of these areas.

Links will be made for each of these regions as they become available.

New South Wales
Victoria - updated 8th June 2006
South Australia
Western Australia
Northern Territory

A review article on geological heritage in Australia
published in the U.K. journal "Earth Heritage"
in July 1999 and republished in "The Australian Geologist"
in the issue for 30th September 1999 - No. 112
(note that this is a pdf file and you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it).

The same review article on geological heritage in Australia
(this is an html file so it will be easier to view).

You can go direct to the journal "Earth Heritage"
to see simplified versions of this and other articles

Some more heritage links:

Geoconservation in Tasmania

Monash heritage lecture
on 17th September 1999, 22nd September 2000, 18th September 2001, 17th September 2002, 23rd September 2003, 21st September 2004 & 10th October 2005 -
the lecture outline contains further heritage links
including to the Australian Heritage Commission, and World Heritage,
and has some interesting sites dealing with Kakadu

The Baragwanath seminar

"Landscape and Geological Heritage"

held at the University of Melbourne
on Friday 30th August 2002:

Seminar outline, abstracts & discussion

A CD-ROM of the PowerPoint presentations
given at the Baragwanath seminar
is available at cost from the address below

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Bernie Joyce

Prepared in September 1999 & revised:
8th June 2006